We strip, buff, seal, wax, and refinish vinyl, linoleum, hardwood, marble, granite, and other stone floors.

Vinyl, linoleum, wood, or stone floors can be extremely durable and long-lasting if they are properly maintained.  To preserve their resilience and brilliance, they will need to be stripped, refinished and sealed.  We clean and polish all types of floor surfaces so that they maintain their new appearance.

Floors can develop wax buildup from regular waxing, and may even discolor over time. In addition, foot traffic and environmental factors will continuously bring pollutants into contact with the floor coating. This attracts dirt and dust that embeds into the wax and may not come off with mopping alone. To solve this problem and get your floors back to their original appearance, stripping professionals will remove the old layers of wax and sealer, reseal using a high quality sealer, and professionally buff the floor to a brilliant shine.

For hardwood floors, we sand, screen, and seal your damaged wood floors to remove or diminish scratches, dents, and accumulated sticky dirt patterns that prevent your floors from looking their best. By regularly caring for your floors using our services, you will greatly increase their appearance to and will often decrease the time and costs of regular cleaning.  This translates into reduced long-term costs for your office cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning:

  •     A fresh carpet reflects a clean environment.
  •     Dry in ONE hour so you can get back to business.
  •     Regular cleaning extends the life of your carpet.
  •     Eliminates unappealing odors.
  •     Virtually silent cleaning system during business hours.
  •     Flexible hours to meet your schedule.
  •     Prompt and reliable service

Join the many businesses that depend on us for clean offices, restaurants, hotels, and stores! Our quick drying time means you get back to business without delay. We  will work with you in addressing your specific carpet and upholstery cleaning needs, as well as determining the most cost-effective cleaning cycle for your operation. Our environmentally friendly, cleaning methods will not only extend the life of your carpet and upholstery, but will create a more comfortable and pleasant environment for your customers and employees.

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    D & R Maintenance offers customized cleaning programs to a wide variety of facilities in Bergen, Hudsen, and Passaic Counties.  Our goal is to provide properly cleaned facilities that boost your company image and provide a healthy environment for customers, tenants, and employees.